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It was not an easy selection to make, so we excluded direct-to-video and television releases, eliminating a lot of dreadful Disney sequels to their classic animated films, for example, and some miniseries marketed as continuations of classic movies.

We crawl out of our bunkers and return to our office jobs, with chatter around the water cooler that little bit less sparkling.If Timberlake did a pirouette, most ladies would just continue to be confused about his sexuality (except the gays, they know who’s “family” and who’s not — and they’re on to you, JT). This line has been spoken more times than cocaine’s been snorted off Ke$ha’s inner thigh.In the ‘80s, looking at backwoods folks doing crazy things like having grinding parties in secret rec rooms and abortions in the middle of the night was unique, but with the advent of reality TV, we’ll never again question what’s happening in the boonies. It was EXPLOSIVE when Patrick Swayze uttered these words.brought us the backstory we’ve been desperate for since Rick awoke from that coma in the original zombie series, and here are five reasons we think you’d be mad to miss it: There is no such thing as too much holds the record for the highest total viewership of any series in cable television history, with its fifth season premiere going out to a whopping 17.3m. However, we do learn about the early days of a zombie apocalypse that is already well within its midst by shares the same emotional backbone as its predecessor, which has been widely praised for its character-led storylines.The zombies are merely a setting for an engaging, interesting family drama that tears at the hearts of viewers.We sense that changes are precipitated more by the plot needing something to happen than by any rational development of character.