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To squeeze electric juice out of radio waves, the phone just needs an antenna.

(The details were published in a paper in the Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies.) When radio waves interact with an antenna, the waves induce electricity to flow through the antenna.

While state law exempts newspaper publishers from complying with the Do Not Call Registry, federal law does not.

Therefore, newspapers must also comply with the Registry. Many telemarketing calls are placed by professional telemarketing companies.

Even if the company whose goods or services are being sold is exempt, the telemarketing company itself may be covered by the Registry. The exemption also includes companies with which you have had a business relationship during the past 18 months or to which you made an inquiry within the past three months.

A: Even though they are exempt from the Registry, all businesses must stop calling you if you ask them directly.

we need to talk,” or “I’m Good2Go.” If the partner chooses door No. ” If he or she opts instead to have a conversation before deciding—imagine, verbally communicating with someone with whom you may imminently engage in sexual intercourse—the app pauses to allow both parties to discuss.

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While the big 3 disputes for couples' arguments used to be sex, money, and kids, it seems smartphones are rapidly rising up that list.Q: How can I stop unwanted telemarketers from calling me at home?A: Signing up for the Do Not Call Registry will help cut down significantly on the telemarketing calls you receive at home.Further, it seems greater levels of smartphone and other relationship technoference makes people more depressed and lowers their overall life satisfaction.While few would be surprised to discover technology can be a source of annoyance and conflict for couples, this study is one of the first to report that a person’s engagement with technology can actually make their depressed.The phone still uses electricity — it just harvests energy from other sources such as sunlight and radio waves.