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Grid View和下拉菜单Drop Down List结合:效果图:后台代码:using System;using System. Grid View和Check Box结合:效果图:后台代码:using System;using System. Add("word-break", "break-all")就可以。如果要给所有的列增加此属性: protected void Page_Load(object sender, Event Args e) 总之:善用CSS的,不同于网上其他方式,我觉得用一个Check Box更人性化,这样可以隐藏不必要的列,让用户自己选择需要出现的列,在处理多列时这是一个很好的解决方案!效果图:图1-开始图2-点击显示的Check Box后解决方案:public void bind() 双击Check Box1,在Checked Changed方法里写上代码,最后代码如下:protected void Check Box1_Checked Changed(object sender, Event Args e) 注意:Check Box1的!后台全部代码如下:using System;using System.

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Download source code for 3-Tier Architecture in ASP. Seperation - the functionality is seperated from the data access and presentation so that it is more maintainable 2.

NET with C# 3-Tier architecture generally contains UI or Presentation Layer, Business Access Layer (BAL) or Business Logic Layer and Data Access Layer (DAL). Independence - layers are established so that if one is modified (to some extent) it will not affect other layers. Reusability - As the layers are seperated, it can exist as a module that can be reused by other application by referencing it.

También se dispone de distintos tipos de representación visual, como ser un Link, Button o Image.

Para este caso usaremos un comando del tipo Image, por lo tanto se deberá definir la propiedad “Select Image Url”.