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This course is laid out in a step-by-step manner, with a sequence of reading assignments and practical exercises. In other words, once logged on, you may read the materials from within the online course program as you do each step.

Before you begin, you create your own personal account on the Scientology website. We do, however, recommend that you download for free or purchase the booklet, to review and refer to when you are not logged into the course program.

Where once the family was the stable foundation upon which all else was built, today its shattered remnants are the source of much of what troubles society.

And while marriages still outnumber divorces, the gap is rapidly closing.

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The end result is that you are fully able to apply the data contained therein.

EDA meters were first developed in 1889 in Russia, and psychotherapists began using them as tools for therapy in the 1900s. I next attended a series of lectures being given by a very controversial figure, who several times emphasized that perhaps the major problem of psychotherapy was the difficulty of maintaining the communication of accurate or valid data from the patient to the therapist.

This machine, the electropsychometer, has been acting as a pilot since about the first of January 1952.

Ron Hubbard wrote that all sickness, accidents and injuries, pretty much all non-optimum conditions in life, were the result of a connection to a suppressive person.

A person so associated was said to be a “potential trouble source,” or PTS. Stress has been proven to lower one’s resistance to disease.